If you are a citizen of Connecticut who was prescribed Wegovy for weight management: If you’ve encountered adverse reactions, know you aren’t alone in this ordeal. Our Connecticut-based law firm has seen an uptick in individuals facing complications after using Wegovy (semaglutide). If you’re weighing the possibility of legal recourse due to Wegovy-related issues in Connecticut, our experienced pharmaceutical attorneys stand ready to assist. Partnering with a lawyer knowledgeable in Wegovy-related cases is essential. Contact us, and we will ensure you receive top-notch legal guidance tailored to your situation.

Wegovy, with semaglutide as its active ingredient, has FDA approval and is primarily prescribed for battling obesity. Its mechanism mimics a hormone that regulates appetite in the brain. As a member of the glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor agonists group, it’s also recommended for managing diabetes.

The use of semaglutide in weight control has gained significant traction. Brands like Wegovy, Ozempic, Rybelsus, Trulicity, Mounjaro, and Saxenda, once meant for diabetic patients, are now being hailed as groundbreaking weight loss tools. Intriguingly, beyond those with obesity, a growing number of individuals without obesity are turning to these medications for weight control. It’s vital to remember, however, that all drugs have inherent risks. Adverse reports related to Wegovy are climbing, and as a result, lawsuits in connection with Wegovy are emerging, including here in Connecticut.


Novo Nordisk, a Danish company, produces Wegovy. For those in Connecticut adversely impacted by this drug, considering legal action against Novo Nordisk might be a prudent step. Claims could encompass product liability, hinging on arguments such as negligence, lack of clear risk disclosure, manufacturing defects, or other legal positions in line with Connecticut’s legal landscape. If Wegovy has adversely affected you or a loved one and want to file a lawsuit against its manufacturer, fill out the free case evaluation form below to find out if you have a case:

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While the idea of entering a Wegovy class action in Connecticut might be tempting, often, in cases with grave health implications, an individual lawsuit can be more advantageous. This approach might not only expedite a resolution but could potentially yield a more generous compensation.


If you’re on Wegovy and face recurring gastrointestinal symptoms like nausea, bloating, or stomach discomfort, it’s critical to discuss with your physician about potential gastroparesis or slowed gastric emptying. The FDA has flagged several significant health concerns tied to Wegovy (semaglutide), such as:

  • Gastroparesis: Often labeled “stomach paralysis,” this condition hampers effective food digestion in the stomach.
  • Pancreatitis: An inflamed pancreas, which necessitates immediate medical attention. Signs include intense abdominal pain and vomiting.
  • Gallbladder Issues: Users of Wegovy may encounter an increased likelihood of gallstones or gallbladder inflammation, characterized by sharp abdominal pain or skin color changes.
  • Kidney Concerns: There’s growing evidence pointing to a potential link between semaglusftide and kidney issues. Symptoms to watch out for include diminished appetite or a decrease in kidney function.
  • Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar): Diabetics on certain medications might find their blood sugar levels dropping alarmingly when combined with Wegovy.
  • Allergic Reactions: Some might exhibit severe allergic responses to semaglutide, with symptoms ranging from skin rashes to breathing difficulties.
  • Thyroid Tumors: Due to its categorization, Wegovy has been associated with an increased risk of thyroid tumors, including conditions like medullary thyroid cancer.
  • Exacerbation of Diabetic Retinopathy: Wegovy may amplify pre-existing conditions related to diabetic eyes.
  • Eye Complications: Vision changes or issues related to the eyes.

For Connecticut residents contemplating legal actions concerning Wegovy, we encourage you to reach out to our seasoned Connecticut legal team.

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