If you have been injured by Disney Princess pogo stick you are not alone. You may have a case against BRAVO SPORTS but you should speak to a lawyer if you are wanting to file a claim. The following is an incident that caused injury to a consumer and was reported.

Description of what happened:
Disney Princess pogo stick purchased at Kmart. 9 year old daughter fell on her face when pogo stick slipped out from under her. She received 12 stitches in her lip and chin. She was wearing a helmet and I witnessed the incident. The next morning I discovered that the rubber cup was completely worn away which caused her to violently slip on the concrete. I had only bought the pogo stick 5 days before and she may have used it only for an hour or two. She weighs 72 pounds and the pogo stick says it is rated up to 80 pounds. The rubber tip was the only part that tore away. The sides of the cup were still visible, which leaves you to believe the part is still intact. I can GUARANTEE that this will happen again to other children. Didn’t they test this toy to see that it would last longer than1 hour before it becomes unsafe? Who is in charge of this testing? They are idiots. Having Disney’s logo on it does not help. That tends to make you think of safe products. You do not need to have thousands of similar results to see that this toy will harm children. Please!!!!! get this product out of stores or have them replace the rubber bottom with something substantial.

Who makes/sells this product?

Brand / Model Name or Number
Disney Princess pogo stick /

The victim here was a Female who was 9 years old.

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