If you have been injured by splat ball tomato toy you are not alone. You may have a case against JA-RU INC but you should speak to a lawyer if you are wanting to file a claim. The following is an incident that caused injury to a consumer and was reported.

Description of what happened:
My mother-n-law and 5 year old daughter went to a local dollar general store in soperton georgia, where my daughter got a splatball that looks like a tomato. The ball was purchased on July 6th 2011 and she didnt really play that much with it until the day after and then that following friday around 730pm she was lying on the bed watching her DVD and she had the splatball in her right hand sqeezing it when all of a sudden it busted. I heard it and then she screamed the loudest scream i had ever heard. My daughter started crying and telling me how bad it was burning and hurting, so i put her in the tub and started flushing her eyes. I done this for about 10 minutes and then when i got her out i started making sure she could see me and she could but still crying and saying that her eyes were still burning and the right eye was hurting bad. My husband and i sat with her for about 10 minutes and tried to see if the redness and pain would ease up but we both decided to take her on to the local ER. we didnt want to take any chances with her eye sight so that is when we loaded up. After being seen at the ER and released the doctor said that she had conjunctivitis due to chemical exposure. We were sent home with oinment and told to follow up with local eye doctor if pain or redness continued. The next day her eyes especially the right one was so full of infection that it was unreal. needlesss to say i tried to contact the store where it was purchased to find a contact number for the company where they purchased it from but never got a response from them so i went straight to the local news station WTOC channel out of savannah georgia and told my story. I hope that people all around the world will watch and help in getting this removed from the shelves and any other dangerous products that our kids do not need. i havent had any luck in finding out the ingredients but am still persuing it an will not stop until this product has been done away with.

Who makes/sells this product?

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Splat Ball / 

The victim here was a Female who was 5 years old.

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