A couple months ago I took a Uber ride home from my friends house who lives a mile down the road. I arrived at my destination in two minutes later, the app said my ride was finished, and I went home. The driver then turned my meter back on and continued to drive under my account claiming that I was in the car with him. The ride ended the next day with a total of over 500 miles, costing me $627.00. Immediately emailed Uber filing a complaint and explained to them how their Uber driver stole $600 from me. When Uber never responded I knew this was going to be messy. I have emailed them back 4 times and after 30 days, they emailed me back saying they will not help me because the event happened over 30 days ago. Please help me or at least tell me if it is even possible to sue Uber because of this. I have a witness that I came home that night and did not drive in that car for the next 24 hours. They stole over 600 dollars from a broke college girl, please help me. What should I do, can I sue?

Location: Chattanooga, TN