The decision to move a loved one to an assisted living facility or nursing home is extremely tough and any potential lapse in care makes it even more difficult. In both types of elderly care facilities elder abuse and neglect can occur due to the errors of a care provider. Understanding the difference between two common examples of elder care facilities, and the ways neglect and abuse can occur, will improve your confidence spotting problematic signs or taking legal action.

Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living facilities are a cross between the freedom of independent living and the increased support system a nursing home provides. The typical daily services nursing homes provide include nursing care, constant supervision, three meals per day, and other necessary assistance with daily activities.

Compared to nursing homes, the less intensive amount of care typically provided to an assisted living resident can encourage staff neglect in some problematic ways. More independence found among each resident can cause the assisted living staff to fail to provide the proper attention overtime. As residents age and continue extended stays at a facility, their condition can deteriorate and the staff may fail to notice a need to adjust the care and treatment being provided.

Nursing Homes

According to the CDC’s latest data, an estimated 1.3 million elderly residents reside in nearly 15,600 nursing homes across the nation. Nursing homes are for residents that don’t need to be hospitalized, but can’t be cared for independently. The care at nursing homes is more intensive and includes skilled nurses and nursing aids. Some homes try to mimic that environment of a neighborhood or normal residence, while others mimic hospital environments due to the special care that needs to be provided.

Neglect manifests in nursing home treatment by staffing failures that can inflict unnecessary injuries on residents. For example, inadequate training and supervision are especially important when the level of care needed for a resident is much greater. Nurses and aids incapable of fulfilling treatment, without proper monitoring and correction, creates a potentially dangerous problem throughout an entire staff. Problems also tend to happen throughout the hiring process. Hiring too few staff to maintain proper treatment to all residents, as well as failing to successfully complete background checks on new hires exposes residents to unnecessary danger and risk.

Elder Abuse And Neglect Lawsuits 

More than 15% of elder abuse claims are due to neglect of an elder. Nursing homes and Assisted Living facilities see that neglect manifest in different ways and to varying degrees. It’s important to be able to recognize the signs of elder abuse and neglect that commonly occur. Infomed legal representation can help navigate the circumstances of your case and work toward recovering appropriate injury compensation for the damage caused.