Divorces can be a highly stressful and emotional time in someone’s life. On top of that, there are thousands of divorce lawyers across the country, and picking the right one is crucial to getting a favorable outcome. 

So, that begs the question, how do you find a great divorce lawyer? The team at i-Lawsuit scoured the internet for the top tips, in hopes of making the legal process just a bit easier for you. Here are a couple of things to consider when you sit down for a consultation with a divorce lawyer. 

1. Proven Track Record 

Before the initial consultation even takes place, do some online investigation into a potential divorce lawyer. Be sure that they have dealt with cases that have similar components to your situation. For example, if you are considered a high-asset divorce case, be sure any lawyer you sit down with has secured favorable outcomes in high asset divorce cases. 

Along those lines, making sure a potential divorce lawyer has experience in and out of the courtroom, can reassure you no matter what direction your divorce proceeding takes. 

When it comes to researching a lawyer’s track record, here are a few places to look: 

  • Yelp reviews 
  • Google reviews 
  • The “case results” page on their law firm’s website 
  • Look their name up on Google News  

2. Outstanding Knowledge of Your States’ Laws 

This next point coincides with the first point, but be sure your lawyer has a thorough knowledge of the divorce laws in the state where your divorce will be taking place. This is because there are many discrepancies in family law from state to state. For example, family law firms in Mississippi like Haug Farrar & Franco, PLLC know that Mississippi is one of the few states where couples are required to have a reason for divorce. 

Though a divorce lawyer must pass the bar in each state they want to practice in, if the majority of their family law cases are from another state, you may opt to choose a firm with more in-state experience.  

3. Ability to Communicate Well 

This is a crucial characteristic of a great divorce lawyer. Since the emotions run so high during a divorce, hiring an attorney that communicated thoroughly and proactively is vital. 

You can find out a lot about a firms’ communication style during the pre-consultation research phase outlined in step one, but pay close attention during your meeting as well. Listen to how they explain their next case steps to you, and how thoroughly they answer any of your questions. Also keep an eye out for their patience level when answering questions, and if they seem completely distracted/ multitasking throughout your case evaluation meeting. Although it is no surprise that attorneys have many clients to attend to, great attorneys give you their undivided attention whenever possible. 

4. Amble Support at the Firm 

Whether you hire a law firm, or an individual lawyer to handle your divorce case, they will undoubtedly have a team of people assisting them. These people could be front desk associates, paralegals, legal assistants, lower level lawyers, etc. Take a look at the size of the team at San Francisco family law firm, Schoenberg Family Law Group. They are able to get such great results for their clients because they have a thoughtful hiring process and trust every member of their team to deliver. 

A firm’s success often relies heavily on the quality of people that a firm hires to assist them, so evaluating how you are treated along the way can help you clarify if the firm aligns well with you. 

For example, take note of how the front desk associates and paralegals speak to you and assist you when booking your appointments, answering questions, or even delivering bad news. Ideally, a well run firm not only hires great attorneys, but a great team as well. 


We hope these considerations will help you pick the best divorce lawyer for your specific needs.