I noticed nowadays many people who get into minor automobile accidents are telling their insurance that the other party was in the wrong, so the insurance denies the claim and the case are closed.
My question is, can I take the person to small claim court after their insurance adjuster called me and tell me that their insurer said, I was in the wrong and they will not pay for the damages to my vehicle?
Secondly, if I am stopped at a stoplight waiting for the light to turn green then another drive came up behind me and hits me in the rear and cause minor damages, but when or if the police come, they told the police that I was backing up and hit them on the front of their car. How do I deal with this issue to get payment for damages for the rear of my car?
Thirdly, If I pulled out from a side street and made a left turn on a four lane divided road (two lanes on each side} I stayed in the left lane or inner lane, but someone who in traveling in the same direction speed up and hits me dead center in the rear and cause minor damage, but they told their insurance that I pulled out and then stopped in front of them and caused the accident. How do I deal with this to get or can I get payment for damage to my car?