If you have been injured by Buckyballs you are not alone. You may have a case against MAXFIELD & OBERTON HOLDINGS LLC but you should speak to a lawyer if you are wanting to file a claim. The following is an incident that caused injury to a consumer and was reported.

Description of what happened:
My nine year old daughter accidentally swallowed a Buckyball, a small high powered magnet from a set that was purchased from a children’s toy store. We went to the emergency room, where an x-ray confirmed only one magnet had been swallowed and was not stuck in her diaphragm. We are hopeful that it passes in her stool without incident. We are aware that there is an extreme danger if two powerful magnets are swallowed as they can perforate the intestine, leading to injury or death. Although the package indicates it should be kept away from small children, it does not indicate the extreme risks to older children as well. My daughter was putting away her toys, had a lot of things in both hands, so put the Buckyball in her mouth while she picked something else up, and accidentally swallowed it. Our main concern is that this product is still being sold in the children’s toy/gift store where we purchased it. The Buckyballs were purchased at The House, located in Millburn, NJ between 12/2010 and 2/2011. I informed Buckyballs as well as The House of the incident and do not believe they have taken them off of their shelves yet.

Who makes/sells this product?

Brand / Model Name or Number
Buckyballs /

The victim here was a Female who was 9 years old.

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