If you have been injured by an Egg Splat Ball you are not alone. You may have a case against JA-RU INC but you should speak to a lawyer if you are wanting to file a claim. The following is an incident that caused injury to a consumer and was reported.

Description of what happened:
On May 15, 2011, at approximately 8:50pm, my 9 year old daughter purchased an EGG SPLAT BALL manufactured by Ja-Ru, Inc., from a local Dollar General store in Indianapolis, Indiana for $1.00. At approximately 9:40pm she opened up the product in the car. While talking to her brother on my cell phone in her right hand, she was rolling the EGG SPLAT BALL in her left hand and it burst open right in her face, went in her mouth and she swallowed the contents. I immediately told her to spit out what she could, ran around the car got her out and came in the house. She immediately started complaining and crying that her throat was burning. I got the packaging out of the bag to see the ingredients and/or warnings so I would know exactly what I was dealing with, but there wasn’t much there. There were NO ingredients listed on the package, and the only warning was to not give to children under the age of 3. I googled the product and found the following ingredients: Water / White Oil / Glycerol / Sebs / Phenoxyethanol / Diazolidinyl Urea / Bronopol / Color / Sodium Laureth Sulphate. The only web site I could find the ingredients listed was from this very same site that I am posting this on now from a person that had a child that had basically the same thing happen except it went in to their child’s eyes, and they suffered greatly from it. I called the Poison Control Center instantly. As I was reading off the ingredients, they informed me that they were very aware of the ingredients of this particular toy – which led me to great concern. They told us to have her take small drinks of water, which we had already done. They then stated that they would call back a little later to check on her symptoms. When they called, her throat was still burning, and she was still coughing a very deep cough, almost like a cough when you have bronchitis. They then instructed me to take her to the nearest ER and they were going to call the Hospital ahead and let them know to be expecting us. On the ride there the coughing, burning continued as well as vomiting. We made it to the hospital in approximately 10 minutes, and she was taken almost immediately. They took her vitals, and because they were somewhat normal they didn’t seem as much as a hurry as they were when we first arrived. All rooms were full, so we didn’t get in to a room until about an hour later. Once we finally got in to a room, she wasn’t seen by anyone until about another hour later (which is another complete story in itself…). Anyhow, after a very long time my daughter eventually fell asleep. THEN the doctors of course decide to start coming in. They said that since her coughing had subsided they were going to release us, and gave her some milk to drink. Of course, the second they woke her, she started coughing again. – nothing had changed – So..we were released anyhow with instructions of further things to watch for. One being if her coughing or burning did not stop within 24 hours to follow up with her pediatrician immediately. Well, 24 is up at this very moment, and the symptoms have not went away, and her cough is sounding worse, so she will be seeing her pediatrician first thing in the morning. I do not know at this point what will happen next, but my daughter said this, “All I know is that when I have kids they will NOT have toys like this, and neither will my grandchildren!” I dont know all the details of every ingredient, but the ones I do know, should not be in children’s toys. This toy was supposedly made to be able to throw and stick on windows and things. If it bursts from a 9 year old child just rolling it around in her hand then there must be some serious defects in the production of this item and it should be recalled immediately to eliminate further innocent children from being seriously injured!! I have every intention of contacting the manufacturer of the product as well as the local store that is selling the product!

Who makes/sells this product?

Brand / Model Name or Number
Ja-Ru / 5301

The victim here was a Female who was 9 years old.

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