After a long day of work, you are craving to be home. You want to put your feet up and let the day settle in. But after a couple miles of painful

traffic you finally notice a break in the parking lot of cars. You dart into the fast lane and finally feel like this metal machine was invented for a reason.  “I’m free! I’m free” That’s when you see the red and blue lights behind you, but what do you say? There has to be something that will convince this bored officer that your day is worth more than a few harmless miles over the speed limit.


 7 Ridiculous and Brave Speeding Excuses


  But officer, I just replaced the brakes in my car! I do not want to wear them down.

Although you might believe that this one is a little far fetched, you would be surprised that this is a fairly common excuse police officers have reported that they hear.


  There was a bee in my car and I am deathly allergic!

Now you may have something here! Especially if you can find the bee.


  I was trying to impress the girl in the car across from me.

Depending on the time or day, and of course the officer this might work.


  I forgot my wallet in the park! Someone must have stolen it by now.

Perhaps this will evoke enough sympathy to let you go this time.


  Sorry officer, I was proving to the guy next to me that hybrids CAN go over 80mph. 

We think this might be the worst excuse, but very entertaining and eco-friendly


  I got a foot cramp and couldn’t remove my foot from the gas. The pain is unbearable, I’m surprised I could pull over. 

Take what you will of this, but in this case just be going for the laugh would be wise.


  Sonic is my name, *puts on sunglasses*, and speed is my game.

Depending on your execution, we think this just may do the trick



 It is safe to say that if you can make the officer laugh, cry, or if nothing else feel bad for you, you might be able to sway his decision and cost yourself a pretty penny.

Good Luck Folks and Slow Down!