A plant explosion, something we all know can happen a day, at any time, but a thought that we never feel can happen to us. 

With over 170,000 refinery workers and an estimated 88 refinery explosions in 2020, the odds of being in an explosion are more than we would like. 

Knowing what to do if you are in an explosion and after an explosion could save your life and change the outcome of your future. 


Get To The Evacuation Point 

The plant will be chaotic, but getting to the evacuation point as quickly and safely as you can be your first priority. This way you can get information from the plant and so they can get a headcount of all the employees. 

Seek Medical Attention

If you were near the blast, get checked out medical. This will probably take some time because the medical staff could be overwhelmed depending on the size of the explosion. Check yourself for injuries or open wounds, if you find any be sure to let your supervisor or plant personnel know so you can get treatment asap. 


Contact Your Family

It is possible the explosion will make the news, so if you can get to your phone or have it on you, send a text to your family to let them know you are ok. This way they don’t worry when they see the news. 

Speak To A Lawyer

Even if you weren’t injured, it might be wise to speak to an attorney. You might not have physical injuries, but there is potential to have mental injuries, such as PTSD. 

The majority of plant explosion lawyers will offer a free consultation, so you can tell them about your situation and they can see if they would be able to help you. If you do this, don’t sign anything so you are not tied in. If you were involved in a plant explosion in or around Houston, Texas; then you should speak with an explosion attorney about your case. 


At the end of the day, working in refineries is all about the overtime checks! But there is still a chance that one-day things go sideways, if they do, be prepared. 

Plant explosions are a dangerous thing and can change your life in a split second. Stay safe, and stay prepared.