In 2019, 5,014 motorcyclists lost their lives in motorcycle crashes. Motorcycle accidents can occur due to a number of situations and are often unpredictable. According to 2019 NHTSA data, motorcyclists are 29 times more likely than passenger vehicle riders to die in a crash. Understanding where most motorcycle crashes occur can help drivers stay safe and alert while riding.

Two-Lane Roads

Two-lane roads and highways are another common location for motorcycle accidents to happen. If a motorcycle rider is turning a corner, another driver could potentially swerve into the oncoming lane, causing a head-on collision. A head-on collision is one of the worst possible accidents for motorcyclists due to lack of motorcycle safety and the amount of force involved. About 76% of two-vehicle motorcycle crashes involve a head-on collision, so it is most important for motorcyclists to proceed with caution when riding on two-lane roads.


Intersections are one of the most common places that motorcycle accidents occur. Bikers that are hit by another vehicle at an intersection do not have protection and are extremely vulnerable to suffering injuries.  In fact, 51% of fatal motorcycle accidents happen at intersections. Common intersection motorcycle accidents may involve these situations:

  • If a motorcyclist is stopped at a light or stop sign, a passenger vehicle may collide with the motorcycle. Motorcycles do not have the same rear-end protection as passenger vehicles do, which could cause the biker serious injuries if rear-ended.
  • If a passenger vehicle is approaching an intersection and stops to turn left, they may collide with a motorcyclist if they do not realize the motorcycle is approaching.

A common reason accidents occur is due to negligence of the passenger vehicle driver, not the motorcyclist. It is important for passenger vehicles to monitor their surroundings and check their blind spots at intersections to prevent these accidents from happening.

Freeways and Interstates

Motorcyclists should be on high alert when riding on the freeway due to higher speeds and the increased number of vehicles. Motorcyclists should look out for the following when traveling on an interstate or freeway.

Lane Splitting

Although not legal in every state, lane splitting is when motorcyclists drive between lanes on freeways or interstates. Lane splitting is particularly dangerous as it reduces the distance between vehicles on the highway and collisions are much harder to avoid. Higher speeds lead to less control, which therefore increases the chance of accidents.

Observe Surroundings

As a driver, it is important to check your surroundings before changing lanes or making drastic moves on the freeway. When motorists fail to check their blind spots and surroundings, they could put another vehicle in danger, causing an accident. It is important to also be aware of other dangers on the freeway including construction zones, drastic weather changes, and other debris on the roads.

Motorcycle accidents are common in these locations due to increased speed and traffic. It is important for passenger vehicle drivers to stay alert when on the road to protect motorcyclists.

Get in Touch With an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

It is important to hire an experienced Denver motorcycle accident lawyer. Before accepting a settlement from an insurance company, speak with a lawyer. A lawyer can investigate your case gather all evidence necessary to hold the at-fault parties accountable.