Tests have shown that drivers who drive distracted are a serious danger on the roads. In fact, past studies have shown that distracted driving is worse than drunk driving. How many times do you notice other drivers while on the road who are talking on their cell, reading their iPhone or sending a text? Even talking with other passengers that are in your vehicle can take your mind off of driving. You know how it’s rude to not look at someone in the eye when you are talking with them? For you brain dead people out there, this does not apply while you are driving. I’d have to say killing someone because you weren’t looking at the road while driving is a bit more offensive so please keep your eyes (yes, both of them) on the road.

Have you heard of cognitive distraction? The act of a telephone conversation is actually cognitively demanding which means it takes some brain power. If you are driving, that’s brain power that should be focused on safely navigating that road you are on. Hands free device or not, your brain resources are still being taken away from driving. Many drivers look at the objects in front of them but often don’t “see” the objects. This is why many distracted drivers run red lights and it’s called inattention blindness.

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Distracted Driving

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