When most people are walking on the streets, they usually think nothing of it. Take a look around and you’ll notice people texting, reading email, selecting which music they are listening to and not really paying attention to their surroundings all while cars are racing by just a few feet away. Hey, it’s all about multi-tasking these days right? Who has the time to walk AND watch your surroundings at the same time anymore? A recent study by the journal Injury Prevention found that 1/3 of pedestrians crossing the street at busy intersections were distracted by their mobile device. We’ve all heard of distracted driving and now you’ve heard of distracted walking. Yes, that’s a real thing. In honor of all the walking zombies out roaming the streets, here’s an infographic and some startling statistics on the numbers of injuries and deaths that happen to pedestrians. It’s not exactly a surprise to see that most of these accidents usually involve nighttime and alcohol consumption. Sounds like any zombies favorite combination.



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