February is Responsible Pet Owners Month– in honor of such we decided to create an infographic showing the far reaching consequences and prevalence of dog bites in the United States. As pet owners and lovers ourselves, we believe that violence in animals is a trait taught through their owners, and encourage pet owners to be responsible for their pets behavior. We hope our infographic can give both parents and responsible pet owners an idea of the warning signs, risks and hard facts concerning this growing epidemic. Dog bites cost insurance companies more than a billion dollars each year in personal injury claims, and half the victims are small children under 12. The next biggest age group at risk are the elderly or senior crowd. Learn more fascinating dog bite statistics through our infographic below:

Dog Bite Infographic



But this infographic shows only half the story. Due to their sheer size and jaw power at an impressive 238-328 psi, the breeds listed as the most dangerous have earned their place due to the brute force they can use in a bite. You may be surprised by the breeds that won the most aggressive  in the world. You guessed it- Chihuahuas and Daschunds. According to research conducted by scientists at U PENN Chihuahuas and Daschunds were the most frequent biters- pitbulls landed on the list at a homely #8. Isn’t that some food for thought?


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